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Wicked Elephants

Our aim

To enliven people to take action on wicked problems so all living systems thrive.

Our philosophy

As custodians of planet Earth, we want to ensure we leave future generations with a world vibrant with life rather than one diminished by human misuse. We are passionate about working in partnership with others who want a world that works better — socially, economically and environmentally. A world where we engage the power of our differences in genuine collaboration. We believe in small and large scale actions for change. We challenge and support you to make change happen in your world whatever your passion and whatever the scale.

A not for profit co-op

With an eye for unlocking profitability and a passion for the planet, Wicked Elephants Co-op does business differently.

We believe in the co-creative power of shared responsibility. Co-op members flexibly contribute, develop and direct the activities of our group.

Our fees pass directly to our consulting members. A small percentage is also devoted to our ongoing development and to the development of Passion Pods, which are core to our approach.

To find out how you can become a member, an associate consultant, or a friend of the Wicked Elephants Co-op, please contact us.

Our team

We are a contemporary co-operative initiated by modern elders who are inspired to serve the people and planet earth by bringing our collective attention to the complex and wicked challenges we’re increasingly facing.

We are a close and trusted group of skilled facilitators, consultants and coaches, who love working together, and working with real people struggling with real issues to produce real change.

Deborah Collins

Johanna de Ruyter

Caresse Cranwell

Sophia van Ruth

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