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Custom designed workshops

We custom design our programs with and for you. We’re committed to meeting your needs.

We host workshops or longer term in-house development programs to support skill development, stakeholder engagement, collaboration and effective action. Talk to us about how we can benefit your organisation.

At the end of your time with us you will have: deepened your communicative and collaborative skills, expanded the quality of your stakeholder networks, developed clear action pathways, become more playful and comfortable with uncertainty, and know that small steps matter.


We complement all our learning initiatives with optional ongoing coaching. Whether it’s with your team or you as an individual, our coaching enables deep and lasting change.

We believe in an integral approach to coaching, an approach that marries inner growth in self-awareness with behavioural change, and the deepening of skill for collaboration with systems change. In our approach, the whole person matters — body, mind, emotions and spirit. The whole community, the whole team and the whole life system also matters.

Experience yourself as a player in the game of life!

Conference events

Do you already have a great program? Let us contribute!

Spoken word and improvisational performance pieces to bring heart and add variety and reflexivity to your content.
‘Games for Change’ — using improvisation and games to deepen capacity to be curious, connected and creative with uncertainty.
Hosting facilitated conversational spaces to bring delegates into deeper relationship with one another and expand networking possibilities.
1 or 2 day ‘book-ends’ to your conference to enhance future action and collaboration.

As experienced facilitators and performers we take the stress out of organising these dynamic extras for you, adding a deeper layer of connection and networked collaboration that will set your conference apart from others.

Community learning events

We host an ongoing Practice Community. People meet to deepen skills through playing “Games for Change”. These events build a sense of a community, expand networking potential, deepen capacity for living in uncertain times, in an atmosphere of serious fun. We’re convinced it builds deeper creativity and collaborative potential.

We can also build Practice Communities within your organisation, network or community. Ongoing long-term regular practice enables new skills and behaviours to be mastered. With support and challenge, we take you to a new level of functionality in your life and workplaces.

Passion Pods

We support the development of Passion Pods. Passion Pods are action spaces where people who are passionate about an issue get into action, enrol others in collaboration, and start to bring about the changes they wish to see in the world. Check out our blog or join our Facebook community to be inspired by the passionate action others are taking on Wicked Problems.

You will experience yourself as a Player in the Game of Life.

Never too big to play small. Never too small to play big. Small steps matter.

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