How we work

Wicked Elephants

Challenge and support

We challenge norms and patterns and support you to embrace diverse perspectives, develop empathy, play with curiosity, and deepen self-awareness.

Develop a culture where we are for each other

We support a shift from a culture of debate to one in which we are for each other, even when we have opposing ideas.

Courageous collaboration

We focus on a worldview where YOU and ME exist within a co-created space of WE. We’re committed to harvesting the power of each individual to create a future where WE all thrive.

Embrace conflict

We see conflict as an opportunity for growth. We enable conflict revolutions rather than conflict resolution.

Being playful with uncertainty

We believe that in situations of complexity and uncertainty, it’s important to be lighten up to boost insight and creativity!

Engage a planetary perspective

We bring the planet to the stakeholder table. Whenever we can – we host our events in natural settings so that we can listen and learn from the natural world.

Our approach generates more engaged and creative working relationships, more cohesion, passion and action!

Why Wicked Elephants?

We believe in the creative power of

being playful with uncertainty

dancing with elephants

Being up against it

Collaborative action

Our process

Action outcome focused

Our times need us to be engaged, active agents of change, expand our aliveness, and bring our passion into action. We’re committed to helping you feel excited by the adventure rather than overwhelmed and to helping you recognize that what YOU DO matters!

Because you’re never too small to play big or too big to play small.

Passionate about action? Work with us!

Skills for dialogue and co-creativity

We know collaboration requires more intention. We believe it’s the cutting edge of aliveness. We build capacity through deepening self-awareness, fostering powerful communications that embrace and navigate conflict and allow for creative emergence. The planet and future generations are always at our horizon inviting us to step beyond what we thought was possible!

Want to work at an innovative edge? Work with us!

Problem mapping and solution ecosystems

Wicked problems and volatile uncertain times call for multiple stakeholders to step into complex spaces, harness the power of diverse perspectives, generate multiple action pathways and safe to fail experiments where everyone is a learner and every action matters.

We’re excited by the generative potential of embracing complexity. Work with us!

Engage the elephants in the room

We work with you to befriend the ‘elephants in the room’ — to step beyond the polarised debates, silo behaviours, disengagement and white-anting because we know that working with elephants releases energy and enables real collaboration.

 Ready for the wild side? Work with us!

Serious game play

We use serious game play to stimulate our imagination, arouse curiosity, empathy and non linear thinking. It super charges learning, relieves stress and helps to navigate uncertainty. Laughter is good medicine for serious business!          

Be a player! Work with us!

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