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Do you have great people in your teams but find they don’t always gel, they fall into conflict and inaction?

We realise many things stop people from working well together. We work on building trust, helping teams navigate conflict with creativity, leveraging the strength of diversity and deepening capacities for powerful and connected conversation.

We inspire rich collaboration. We invite you and your team to step into deeper purpose with one another, to embrace challenges and differences, take on wicked problems and serve the future vitality of life for all living beings.

Individuals and leaders

Do you put effort into professional and personal change but feel you’re losing traction or momentum?

We believe change needs practice. We create and host regular events and Games for Change. We offer one-on-one or group coaching support on all our programs.

We can help you:

take action and make a difference
feel enlivened by your connections with others and empowered to take on wicked problems
understand the power of collaboration and get better at it
support this amazing planet and partner a vibrant future for all

Stakeholders and communities

Do you engage diverse stakeholders but find you’re stuck with competing perspectives, positional interests and silo behaviours?

We realise when diverse stakeholders come together different views often compete for space: people hold positions, get overwhelmed and often go off and act on their own.

We help you see through positions to shared interests. We help you move from cultures of debate to cultures that listen, build common ground, leverage the value of multiple perspectives and take aligned action.

We bring planet Earth to the stakeholder table.

“There was plenty of laughter and lots of 'light bulb moments' as doctors got out of their heads and into their bodies and breath. 'Yes and ...' quickly became the conference catch phrase and the session created a positive and empowered energy for the rest of the sessions.”

Dr Kimberley Ivory

MBBS BMedSc MPH, Co-Convenor ALMA conference 2019

“I had some deep insights and a lot of fun, that’s a good combination, isn't it!”

Eoin Higgins

Senior Workstyle Consultant and Veldhoen + Company

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