Caresse Cranwell

PhD Eco-philosophy, M.Environmental Studies, BSc, Advanced Certificate Transpersonal and Experiential Psychotherapy.

Caresse is a long-time facilitator of both personal and social change workshops. She’s an experiential psychotherapist focused on the inner journey and deep ecology. Her PhD in eco-philosophy brings an evolutionary approach to her work that liberates and empowers change. She developed and coaches a program in Evolutionary Leadership that enables people to step into powerful eco-llaborative actions.

Caresse is also a spoken word artist. Her performances explore the relationships between the dynamic inner world and the outer world of science. She inspires her audiences through the awe and wonder of creative possibility.

I am in awe of and constantly inspired by this wild and beautiful life. I bring this sense of wonder to this work. We’re at a critical point in our evolution when we’re being asked to step up and partner for the future of life on our planet. I know it seems a grand claim, but I feel we can be enlivened by this call. We need to deepen self-awareness and engage in powerful collaborations if life is to thrive.