Johanna de Ruyter

B.A. Communications, Diploma in Movement, International Facilitator Presence Programs, Facilitator/Improvisor/Trainer Playback Theatre, Diploma in Results based Coaching, Warm Data Lab Host

Johanna is passionate about the complementary relationship between communication and the performing arts. She uses improvisation, storytelling and embodied language as developmental tools to enhance this relationship.

She is a long-time member of Playback Theatre Sydney. Playback delivers communication training and story-based forums to improve dialogue skills. Johanna also facilitates Leadership Presence training for business communication.

As a Remedial Masseuse, Martial Artist and performer Johanna is fascinated by the role of body and of play in the developmental process. Her approach repositions these dynamic elements to deepen and move communication.

Johanna brings an aliveness to our work that is engaging and absorbing. She teaches us how to play games with serious intent.

I love seeing people come alive in the fullness of authentic self-expression and responsiveness. Improvisation and Playback theatre invites people to show up in those places of radical uncertainty and to open to what is emerging. In these moments, the rules of collaboration are everything.