Deborah Collins

M. App Sci (Social Ecology), M. Science Communication, Integral Facilitator and Coach

Deb initiated and funded the development stage of the Wicked Elephants Co-op Ltd. She was propelled into action by the play, Turquoise Elephant, by Stephen Carleton, a true-to-life farce about the inability of people to see beyond their own narrow perspectives as they face the climate disaster.

Deb has skilled people for adventure in wild places, been a producer in the arts, worked in systems, leadership and team development, dialogued with diverse stakeholders, and is an adept integral coach and facilitator.

She’s a science communicator and social ecologist who specialises in bringing people together to creatively expand their sense of who they are and what they can do, enabling them to step up and play their unique role.

I love the excitement and potency of teamwork, the conscious rigour of skillful leadership, and mentoring group cohesion and self care. I want to explore and support human beings to step up into our greater potential -to rise into the WE space of our diverse humanity and truly bring the Earth to the table as a stakeholder to co-create a future where all life thrives.