Release yourself from the tyranny of making New Year’s Resolutions! 

Resolutions can make us feel overwhelmed and can lock us into a particular path that we then often abandon.

Instead, orient yourself to your year ahead within a collective of others wanting to do it differently this year. Rather than thinking your way into the year, why not explore an embodied, playful, imaginative and emergent way into your 2023? Doing this with others will energise our listening, sharing, reflecting and being reflected. Our experienced facilitators will guide using Interplay practices and applied improvisation to awaken imagination, story, and spontaneity. Explore the surprises of your sensory knowing laying sleepily within your being, together we will orient from a fresh perspective.

Those who foster intuition of embodied knowing often talk about ‘making space’ for an authentic response to emerge. But what does that even mean?

It means saying yes to your intuition and blcoking out time in your diary for you!


  • Take some time out to be held in playful, open, easygoing processes
  • Toss your expectations aside and explore what is wanting to emerge
  • Enjoy authentic connections with other open-hearted souls
  • Allow what is wanting to happen to germinate in your imagination
  • Unstick your past patterns and open the door to new possibilities

Saturday 14 January 10am-1pm (AEDT)
Friday 13th January 4-7pm (MST- USA)

Cost: $50 AUD

Introducing your Wicked Elephant facilitators –

Sophia Van Ruth 
At its core, Sophia’s passion is helping people navigate complexity with more ease and confidence.  She combines her knowledge of complex systems science with holistic practices, favouring play-based, arts-based and meditative methodologies. Sophia’s education, research and experience have led her to an understanding that embodiment, improvisation and playful practice can all be key to sense-making in complex situations, giving access to unconscious wisdom and insights not available through intellectual analysis. Sophia has an MSc in Holsitic Science, is a trained InterPlay facilitator and shiatsu therapist with many years of experience working in community engagement and running her own business as a therapist and facilitator.
Johanna de Ruyter

Johanna is passionate about communication processes that change the quality of how we connect and communicate. In her coaching and her facilitation, she applies insights and practices from many years engaged in collaborative theatre making and Playback theatre, applied improvisation, corporate training and development, martial arts/yoga and embodiment practices. She designs and delivers Training, Coaching and Presentations programs for a range of clients in the community and corporate sector both in Australia and Asia Pacific. She is a collaborator with a Cooperative called Wicked Elephants aimed at engaging communication within wicked problems the world is facing. This led her to learning about systems theories and where she trained as a Warm Data lab host with The Bateson Institute. That invite all senses into our sense making processes.

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