We’re shifting the story game. Imagine your audience going from passive consumers to active pollinators. Imagine folks who are animated by the stories you tell and the story webs we weave. They take your story and their story out in the world to catalyse engagement with your mission.

Story Pollinators not only transform good, but inexperienced, speakers into great speakers, we create a field of engagement, a field in which the stories continue to live and pollinate imaginations.

You’ll work with expert storytelling and social ecology facilitators from the Wicked Elephants Co-op — three sessions over 5 weeks— to animate the power of your story and your organisation’s story. You’ll deliver more impactful messages to your audience – be they the media, your donors, supporters, volunteers or your colleagues and you’ll create a web of pollinators who take stories into the fields of their lives.

This online program is a lively mix of exercises, embodiment, theory, small group and larger group exploration.  You’ll gain confidence and delight in eliciting, crafting and telling stories that engage the hearts and minds of your growing audience. You’ll also learn to animate the social ecology and create story webs so stories live on beyond the event.

Dates –  28th April, May 12th, 26th and culminating in a storytelling event on June 2nd that brings together a broad audience of supporters, friends and colleagues.

Times – 9 am – 1 pm (with breaks) AEDT (Sydney) and between sessions you will partner up with a learning buddy to continue developing outside of the main sessions.

A critical aspect of this training is learning how to craft and facilitate a speakers’ event. Participants learn how to create a social ecosystem shifting their audience from the old and tired consumerist model of one-way delivery of information to a pollinator model- enlivening action, new networks and an audience who senses that their input is valued.

This first Wicked Stories series highlights the fantastic work of our national environmental advocacy groups and social enterprise groups.

We will explore…

• The neuroscience of stories
• Story frameworks and techniques
• Framing key messages
• Storytelling presence
• Authentic storytelling
•The social ecology of stories

This will generate…

• Powerful speakers
• A dynamic, vital social ecology
• Trust and connection with audiences
• A more engaged donor/supporter base


                  If you have any questions or want to chat, reach out to us at hello@wicked-elephants.coop

Your facilitators

Johanna de Ruyter – Story facilitator

Hello, I have been working with stories for 35 years now. I have a history of storytelling via my extensive theatre experience. Over the last 15 years, I have been translating my story-based theatre skills for organizational communication and delivering storytelling training for leaders worldwide.

Sophia Van Ruth – Story Facilitator

Hello, I have a playful history with stories. I am never happier than when eliciting stories using embodied exploration. Our bodies can be portals to authenticity, unearthing rich experiences and leading us effortlessly to the core of the matter. I am an experienced facilitator, having worked with groups for over 20 years.

The Social Ecology Team

Deb Collins

In Deb an event producer meets the social ecologist, and a science communicator meets a dynamic facilitator. Deb loves making an online space sing, building community through shared inquiry and experience.

Dr. Caresse Cranwell

Caresse lives at the intersection of theory and practice. As an eco -philosopher and experiential therapist, Caresse loves to bring ecology alive in the social field and people’s life approach.

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