Are you Poles Apart from someone you care about, someone you work with or a neighbour? Is the distance between you and others in these relationships filled with tension, confusion or maybe even outright hostility? When conflicts arise it can be challenging to know how to manage them. Our sense of self can be derailed causing confusion about what is right or wrong to say or do and have us racking our brains as to what to do next!

Are you concerned about the growing polarisation in our society? Concerned with the expression of outrage and hostility when people do not agree with others’ points of view? Does it have you asking ‘Is it even possible to bridge these differences?

In the Poles Apart workshop series, you’ll be with a small group of people who are also bravely asking: ‘What else can I do to resolve this or at the very least to bring us into a relationship rather than breaking the relationship?

Over 7 weeks we will-

  • practice how to appreciate a wider view, one that encompasses the broad social ecosystem we exist in.
  • become more curious about views that differ from our own.
  • learn to calm our nervous system and stay engaged with others.
  • listen and acknowledge the other’s position and values without agreeing.
  • manage our own strong emotions and reactions.
  • become more flexible in what we think should or should not happen.

Wicked Elephants Co-op has developed this program as we believe it vital to manage this complex terrain so that we can enhance a greater social intelligence in these uncertain times.

Wicked Elephants do this by engaging the whole self; paying attention to our bodies and understanding our nervous systems, engaging with movement, actively practising pausing to listen deeply, taking time in nature, playfulness, and learning together by sharing our lived experiences.

If you are seeking to become more comfortable dealing with conflict then join us for this nourishing program.

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Early bird ends 20th march.

Thu 13th Apr 2023 – Thu 25th May 2023, 5:30 – 7:30 pm AEST

Your facilitators for the Poles Apart program, Johanna de Ruyter, Deborah Collins and Caresse Cranwell bring you a wide range of tools and exercises from across the worlds of Integral, Eco-Philosophy, Systems Thinking, Neuro-science, Buddhism, Embodiment, Warm data and Applied Improvisation. All are highly experienced facilitators, coaches and trainers, who combine their love of the planet with a passion for working interactively with you to enable your deeper engagement with your world- your own rich and broad eco-system.

What people say about the Poles Apart program 

Amazing, life-changing, this program moved me in a wonderful way. transformative, opening – Donna Malone Poles Apart Sept ’22

This is an honest and supportive course to learn how to deepen your conversations with conflicting views. You learn to be curious rather than judgemental of differing viewpoints, to get closer to ‘we’ without losing ‘me’ – LA, Canberra, Australia,  Poles Apart July-Sept 2022

Please please do this course, you will really get to know your inner truth and how to be such a good human. If you really want to make social change do this course, so you understand polarisation. – Irene Day, Poles Apart July-Sept 2022

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