We live in uncertain times confronted by a host of wicked problems, like climate or covid, with no easy solutions. We’re being challenged on personal, communal and organisational levels to adapt. Are you finding set strategies and detailed plans are no longer effective and you’re wanting to find a more responsive way? Or maybe your challenge is more personal and you’re searching for deeper wisdom.

Whether you are navigating huge shifts, in your personal or organisational life, or small hurdles in these uncertain times; Wicked Elephants invites you to join us for an interactive session to explore this landscape.

Over 2 sessions we’ll share practices to lower nervous system activation and  expand capacity to stay present in situations of uncertainty. We’ll also explore practices to tap into our personal wisdom, the wisdom of the collective and the natural world, to help you navigate uncertain situations. Expand your capacity to be responsive, flexible, innovative, co-creative in ways that allow emergence.

A participant said of our work

“The fact that the work was embodied and dealt with our emotional responses I found very sophisticated, the nervous system deactivation work was really helpful. The practice aspect sets your programs apart from other courses”.


October 12th, 19th

4 pm – 6 pm

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