Shift from

 Us versus Them

to You, ME and WE

By popular demand, we are offering a second series of Poles Apart –   October/November 2022.

Here’s what some of the past participants had to say.

“In recent weeks, I have really developed more self-compassion. I have been able to step back in challenging conversations and listen far more effectively AND when needed/appropriate walk away and process things away from the person”. J.E. – Sydney

Poles Apart gave me so many insights and strategies for dealing with difficult conversations. Not only did I learn about the kind of language that could be helpful etc, but the most profound part for me was learning to balance my emotions and become less triggered by the other so that I had more capacity to listen.” S vR – Adelaide

Amazing, life-changing, moved through me in a wonderful way. transformative, opening. DM – Brisbane

The Poles Apart program is about creating inclusivity, not exclusivity. Noticing how we enter the spaces between our growing divides, learning to navigate through the forest of views, skilfully, without alienating or demonising others, and seek the truth together. How do we hear one another and take in the other’s perspectives?

Together we expand our view while deepening the connection to the other.

We’ll Learn

  • How to turn toward – not away from these difficult conversations
  • What to do with our own strong emotions and reactions
  • How to listen and acknowledge the other’s position and values without agreeing
  • To relish more, not less, diversity in our social ecosystem

WE talk differently is the theme of much of our work. We do this by engaging the whole self, paying attention to our nervous systems, listening to our bodies, and exploring truths through movement, time in nature, serious play, dialogue, and small group work. We believe it needs to be grounded in our lived experience.

In this online series, we invite you to co-create a container with others who are also keen to gain new skills for difficult conversations. We’ll pick some contentious topics, and together we’ll practice what it takes to embrace a wider view, a view that encompasses the social ecosystem we exist in.

Program dates and times AEDT

10-12 noon Tuesdays 

October 25th

November 1st  


November 15th

November 22nd

November 29th


December 13th 10 – 11.15

“I thought i would be put into really scary places, mentally and emotionally, but it has been instead so compassionate, body focused, and I have realised I do so much better learning in this way”.

“I was deeply impressed by the Wicked Elephants team – not only was it a really well crafted program, their delivery was spot on and they really know how to handle the online technology.” S vR – Adelaide.

The cost for the six sessions is AUD 199.

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