We know our world and ourselves through stories.

I’m sitting at a donor event, and the speaker is presenting a list of facts and figures about various projects I am supporting, and rather than feeling inspired or moved, I notice I am not engaged; I realise I am yearning to be taken along with the speaker to feel part of the ecology of the service, not just a consumer. 

In response to this experience, Wicked Elephants is offering to support speakers from environmental organisations who need to engage their supporters, donors or teams in mind, heart and spirit. And given one of our team has been training business leaders all over the world on how to use storytelling to engage their audiences, we would like to offer the same to you.

Come to this webinar to get a taste of how we partner with you and your people to unearth the colourful and rich vein of stories. By integrating stories into how you connect and communicate, you can not only inspire audiences about the excellent work you are doing but also strengthen the social ecologies you are speaking within.

Remember that stories create connections and context around facts to make them more memorable.


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