Welcome to Playing for Resilience
Our last event was so nourishing and fun that we are doing it again!

This is what people said –

Spend an afternoon with yourself, for yourself, without external demands to learn more about yourself and have time for reflection to take back into your life.’
Play with your issues – be equal with them rather than them dominating

If you are seeking a space in your life where enjoyment, pleasure, laughter, and lightness take center stage then feel very welcome to join us!  Come and find an easy pathway to resilience.

The Wicked Elephants understand that life’s tapestry is woven not just with serious threads but with vibrant hues of pleasure, humor, and beauty. Amidst the myriad concerns that surround us, we question the efficacy of worry and the perpetual pursuit of hard work. Is it, not time to explore an alternative path—a path where playfulness becomes a powerful tool for releasing tensions and transforming our ways of thinking and being?

For Wicked Elephants, play is a profound practice of resilience to support us.

WE invite you into this warm-hearted and unique space, to be in a conversation with us on how playfulness can support you within the many demands of life.

Play appears to allow our brains to exercise their very flexibility, to maintain and even perhaps renew the neural connections that embody our human potential to adapt, to meet any possible set of environmental conditions.’ – Psychology Today

Play gives you multiple roles and multiple points of view. It lets you see a bit of life from a view that is not yours, from a personality that is not yours.’ Freeplay author, Stephen Nachmanovitch.


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