Be a Story Pollinator  – connect and animate social ecologies.

Wicked Elephants (WE) are shifting the paradigm of how events are held. All too often events shine the spotlight on the stage, positioning audiences as consumers who sometimes get to ask one or two questions.

But what would it be like if your story and your event pollinated more story-sharing, creating more connections?

What if it animated webworks of stories and linked audience members in ways that animated imaginations and actions?

If we want to create change events so actions live on beyond the event itself we all need to BE the Change,to do things differently and Story Pollinators is the change!

We want to support people to create and vitalise social ecologies, a sense of belonging, and response-ability.

By embodying the principles of story pollination and animating your social ecology, you can become a catalyst for creativity, innovation, and positive change in both your creative endeavors and the communities you are a part of.

We are going to share some useful principles to support you in preparing for how you engage your audiences in generating a shift from a consumer dynamic of storytelling to one of animation, vitality, and interconnectedness.



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