Playing for Resilience –

Wednesday 24th April 12-1.15 pm AEDT

Hosted by Sophia van Ruth and Deborah Collins

Welcome to an hour where life doesn’t have to seem so hard…

If there is a voice in your head that undervalues space for being unstructured and free? Acknowledge it, thank it even and sign up anyway!  

Reclaim the free spirit of playful exploration that you may have un-learned as you became a ‘serious adult’ and explore areas of your life or work where you want more resilience without feeling like you need to “solve” anything. You might be surprised by what it yields.

Play allows us to digest life’s complexity in effortless ways. In this 75 min playshop you won’t be asked to do anything you don’t already know how to do, but you will learn to use things you always knew how to do in new ways. 

Sign up now and please share the invite with a network or a friend (it is always more fun to play with your friends)

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