CEO: I have no idea how we’re going to get there from here!

ME: “I don’t either! But let’s trust the process and the emergence”.

CEO: ‘Wow! We got there so much faster than I expected! And it was so engaging! Just what I wanted it to be!’

What if you got your team, your co-op, your organisation to create a Strategic Plan together? Most people immediately think ‘There’ll be way too much conflict’.’ We’re all just too different!’.

But we say, from our experience, ‘It’s not only possible we can deepen relationships through it!’

You also know those lip-service consultative processes where you’re given a platform to share your view but really it’s the Board or the CEO who creates the plan? Does it get the buy-in you were hoping for? An engaged and animated team, an engaged collective, signed onto the goal? Often not! Right?

It can be different!

Presencing Institute in conjunction with MIT have created these collaborative tools like 3D and 4D mapping that have our clients generating relationships and results and being very happy in our work with them! 

Our team are improv and Interplay experts and we get people out of their heads, away from their opinions, tapping into their felt senses, exploring issues from multiple perspectives and generating connection. 

People get to feel their perspective is important, their voice is valued. They get curious about what others see and feel and find common ways forward. They are engaged and committed to the end result.

Using these methods, building and changing models together, sensing into people’s own embodied experience creates a non-competitive, collaborative environment,  cuts across power hierarchies, gets folks to think laterally, and come to agreement on strategic priorities. 

We’re pursuing a paradigm shift. From top down decision making to collaborative engagement. From left brain dominated, disputatious, conversations where people are convinced their view is preeminent to curious conversations that foster appreciation of multiple perspectives, from simple solutions to diverse, iterative strategies to work with complexity. 

Being right is boring for everyone. Being creative is engaging. The Elephants are Wicked and get your team and workforce engaged. Ask us how.

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