Caresse had the opportunity to facilitate connectivity, flow and future dreaming at the annual gathering of the Coralus Australia community last week, October 16 -17th in Brisbane. Coralus is an ecosystem of women entrepreneurial change makers working on ‘the world’s to do list’.  Wicked Elephants is proud to be part of this colourful, dynamic, inspiring system of change making.

WOW! What women! We heard many inspiring stories, stories of courageous women who are facing into the worlds wicked challenges!  Yas Grigaliunas of Circeconomy who circumvented hereditary breast cancer through a double mastectomy, created the ‘worlds biggest Garage Sale, and is now working on creating a world without waste. Jo Lane of Sea Heath Products working on Sea Kelp farming to reduce CO2 emissions. Rachael Downie of Stymie who in the face of a students suicide, due to bullying ,created a platform to support kids to act and stop abuse in schools. If you want to get it in your schools click the link to find our more!

Each year the community supports 5 ‘Ventures’ with finance to expand their impact. This year only 4 were funded as 1 is always reserved for an Indigenous business. The Voice took the priority for folks this year.

The Ventures that we supported this year were: Avodah Global – working with trafficked women in Cambodia and the Sustainable Fashion industry in Australia; Parent TV – a video streaming platform personalising parenting advice from the world’s leading research-based experts; Stymie – Empowering students to seek help or report harm; and Resource Hub Consulting  female led waste management consultancy, ensuring less waste into the waste stream!

Next year as a response to the Voice vote, Coralus Australia is doing an Indigenous round, supporting 5 Indigenous women’s business ventures. It is so inspiring to walk alongside and empower women’s way of doing business, doing business to address the wicked problems of the world while supporting Indigenous women’s ventures.

If you know of any Indigenous women’s/non-binary business looking for a business and financial boost let us know.

If you’d like to do some impact investing consider joining Coralus!

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