An international gathering engaging Wicked Problems.
North America Fri Nov 20-21
Australia/NZ Sat Nov 21-22
WE are hosting a weekend of dialogue (3.5 hrs x 2 days) in different forms – we call it WEtalk and it’s designed to enable great minds to think and feel together. It’s a space to bring our whole selves: our fears, our longings, our hearts, bodies and minds. There will be panel discussions, Playback theatre, Open Space sessions and spaces to connect with others.
We’re supporting a shift away from the Talk fest, embracing, with vigor and rigor, the space between us – the liminal space, the collaborative space – the WE space.
Day 1 – WEtalk – An international conversation of people engaged in Wicked Problems. Facilitated by Diane Musho Hamilton followed by Playback Theatre
Listen live to seven conversationalists who are on the frontline of Wicked Problems. All from diverse but related fields such as climate change, medicine, technology, agriculture, energy and race.
In WeTalk we create a generative space to explore, listen deeply, connect the dots, question positions, appreciate wrong moves, herald successes and celebrate new learning and different perspectives.
This conversation will be facilitated by Diane Musho Hamilton (USA), co-author of Compassionate Conversations and author of two other titles. Diane is an award winning mediator, Zen Roshi, consultant and teacher of advanced Integral facilitation.
After the conversation we’ll do coffee with one another, then we’ll participate in Playback Theatre as a way of digesting and integrating the conversation.
Come back on Day 2 – For a deep dive and a chance to connect with others to enliven our engagement in wicked problems
An Open Space event facilitated by the Wicked Elephants
Open Space (aka Unconference) where conversationalists from day 1 and the participants can offer and join sessions to energize our collective thinking. The final agenda will be created on the day.
We will have experiential workshops, ability to connect with others, experience Body Talk, have an opportunity to create Wicked Elephants Passion Pods to support ongoing action, and of course have fun.

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