Passion Pods are action spaces where people who are passionate about an issue get into action, enrol others in collaborative actions, and start to bring about the changes they wish to see in the world.

This is Darvis Walker and his Dad. Darvis is passionate about walking in wild places.’ He believes the wisdom we find from spending time in the wild needs to be harvested and brought back into the world. That’s why he’s created “Wild Walkers” a Passion Pod devoted to creating a new ‘nature-culture’ balance. 

Darvis is building a community of support and practice around him and his Dad is one of his biggest backers! This practice community is a bunch of ordinary folk who seek the insight that emerges when we take our questions into the wild and deeply listen. Together they are supporting the emergence of a not for profit called Wild School. Wild School will take kids at risk on Wild Walker journey’s to experience a community of passionate others and the healing touch of the wild.

Our own Co-op member Caresse Cranwell has inspired a Poetic Dialogue Passion Pod. Caresse redeploys spoken word poetry, and the staged battles of poetic challenge that has its roots in rap, to bring people together. Instead of denigrating an opponent, these dialogues aim to hold diverse perspectives. She’s done several with her poet mate Josh, who won the Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup a couple of years back. 

Caresse is gathering others to join her Passion Pod. If you want to know more about Poetic Dialogues, or want to be involved, contact Caresse.

At Wicked Elephants we’re passionate about supporting people in action. It’s not enough to want change, or even to be the change, we have to both, be the change and take action to grow that change into the world. 

Wicked Elephants sponsors and coaches emergent Passion Pods to help transform small steps into giant-sized collaborations.

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