“This is a unique opportunity to experience what is around you in a different and profound way. This process helps you see your place – your physical surrounds – and your place in the world with new eyes. I gained an understanding that we are as much a part of the eco system as the snail. It’s enriching and immediate and opens you up to new ways of thinking”.

We  ‘do’ a lot in Nature. How often do you just go out to ‘be’ in nature and rest your planning, doing mind? And yet it is so important. Our psyche needs these experiences of deep restfulness where we allow our minds to ‘lift and drift ‘ like a butterfly touching into and tasting the flavours of our life. Our bodies need times when we can move out of fight and flight  responses, those  places where our nervous system is reactively engaged. Nature Conversations is such a place. It’s an opportunity to rest your being, to feel and sense yourself as part of the larger communion of life. When we touch into the deep silence that becomes available in nature we can source new creativity, hear the world, as it were, speaking to us.

We invite you to be part of an evolving community of practice journeying into re-generative connection to both the natural world and your own soul. Nature  conversations is a practice of connecting with our nature as nature and as such listening into the conversation life is having with us.

October 23

3 pm – 6.30 pm

on Zoom and in some Nature near you.

Spend a relaxed and rewarding few hours on a Sunday afternoon that will energise you for the week ahead. We will spend a good portion of the time out wandering in nature and not be glued to a Zoom screen for hours on end. You will leave restored and revitalised with a deeper sense of being held and partnered by life.

I gained insight and enjoyed every aspect of this workshop. As a facilitator I SO admired the workshop design – sequencing, timing, space holding and more. As a participant I enjoyed the play and profound insights. Big thanks. L.F –  Victoria

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