Shift from

 Us versus Them

to You, ME and WE


Polarisation in our society is increasing. Social media and internet wormholes seem to be enabling massive social divisions. Not to mention enabling reactive debate! Are we being informed through our Google searches, our Facebook likes, or being funnelled into disinformation? How do we know? What are sources of truth? How do we validate them? We all believe we’re right! But are we?

While this course is not about Social media it is about how we enter the spaces between our growing divides. Can we find ways to navigate them skilfully without alienating or demonising others? How do we seek the truth together? How do we really hear one another, and take in one another’s perspectives? How do we expand our view while deepening our connection with one another, with our resonant depths?

Are you experiencing the challenge of this in your family system, with work colleagues, in your community or with friends? I think we all know the effect it can have on our relationships and are witnessing its impact in our communities and in our desultory political processes.

WE (Wicked Elephants) support and challenge you to meet the other, acknowledge their truth while sharing your own.

WE talk differently is the theme of much of our work. We do this by engaging the whole self; paying attention to our nervous systems, listening to our bodies, and exploring truths through movement, time in nature, serious play, dialogue, and small group work. We believe it needs to be grounded in our lived experience.

In this online series we invite you to co-create a container with others, who are also keen to gain new skills for difficult conversations. We’ll pick some contentious topics and together we’ll practice what it takes to embrace a wider view, a view that encompasses the social ecosystem we exist in.

We’ll Learn

  • How to turn toward – not away from these difficult conversations
  • What to do with our own strong emotions and reactions
  • How to listen respectfully
  • To loosen up our positions without collapsing
  • To relish more not less diversity in our social ecosystem

Program dates and times AEST


Sat 9th July 

Sat 16th July  


Sat 30th July 10-12noon

Sat 6th August 10-12noon

Sat 13th August 10-12noon


Sat 3rd Sept 10-11.15 am 


The cost for the 6  sessions is $99 AUD.

Register by clicking the link. THE LINK

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