Wicked Elephants warmly invite changemakers, in all shapes and forms to come together to weave a web of connection. We will do this by sharing our wealth of experience, insight, and inspiration within the field of change. 

Our intention is to strengthen the wicked mycelium, the connective tissue between YOU and ME and WE. We invite us to come into relationship with others who are striving, dreaming and weaving changes to connect and witness each other, to listen and respond to one another to generate a multiplicity of meaning, insights and connections.

Wicked Elephants (WE) support changes that generate a thriving environment, regenerative economies and warm-hearted caring communities

Changemakers or change enthusiasts come in all shapes and forms  –

change agents,  awareness agents, storytellers, community workers, climate activists, therapists, sustainability managers, mothers, fathers, children – we are always in some sort of change process. 

In our fast-paced and dynamic work environment, we often don’t get the opportunity to pause and reflect on how we create change and appreciate the way we twist and turn, flex or not. WE aim to create a quality of connection where we are listening and learning through sharing our stories and reflecting. True listening, interactive listening in a live environment (not online videos for instance) can be a finely attuned and rare learning experience.  

Sharing stories is a universal language, but in our fast-paced world, we prefer sharing facts and key points, arguments to convince. It is stories that help to break down barriers to move from a position of YOU to WE. In these forums, we will access different storytelling frameworks to play with the way we frame our experiences. 

You do not need to be someone who knows how to share your story but knows you have a story to share.  You may want to learn how to tell your story or be inspired by listening to others.

This forum is an opportunity to share your experiences, from your perspectives, meet each other, get inspired by each other, generate new ideas, see new perspectives, network,  and feel the support of our web of connections. 

Join us to 

  • Laugh and cry with others working on the wicked edge
  • Network with others working on the wicked edge
  • Be inspired by others working on the wicked edge
  • Hone your storytelling abilities to work better on the wicked edge
  • Celebrate each other wins and challenges
  • Get a new perspective through an alternate sense-making process 

Thursday, June 9th 4.30 pm – 6 pm  

$10 contribution


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